Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lenovo P780 Mobile, My Son & Water

I was proud enough to show case my mobile phone in my friends circle, whenever any debates for new mobile purchase. I was, kind of unknowingly market Lenovo P780 for its long battery backup and good picture quality.

Due to last night rain, Bangalore morning was so bleak, I was half awake, My son was playing around near me, he usually speak / shout and pretending talking in mobile phone like how we speak.

I could not recollect anything more from my conscious. after few moments, what I heard, his cough from bathroom. I suspect, he would have dunk my mobile in the bucket or pouring water on it.

Spouse noticed this scene lately and did not want to upset me in the morning, so simply she told me that the mobile was slightly wet & asked me to clean...

while cleaning I realized there were plenty of water drops coming out.

I haven't studied mobile first aid or mobile life saving do's and don'ts. so, I tried to keep it dry and kept outside in sunlight for a while.

My intelligent spouse, switched it on and found low battery, she plugged in for charge. [she's BE-ECE graduate]

The bill amount 16k change and accessories cost came in my mind for a while.

passing clouds.

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