Monday, September 27, 2010

i10 Journey to Trissur

one of our mallu friend had invited us for his engagement, that is gonna held in Trissur.
hence we've planned to take one Victim's car and go there.,,,
here is our Victim Srinath who drove for 1000 kms in two days.

we have found very beautiful houses in Trissur

First Time in the world, a house built with an umbrella

our groom is a nice chap. he'll marry the girl with closed eyes.

obviously I'm not the groom...

the below people you can find in Kidnappers list of Bangalore police stations..

Adhirappalli falls is famous place near by Trissur.
{also one of the reason we had been there for our friends engagement }

I've got too much of angry when some asshole nailed our car Tyre with 3" iron nail at 45 Degree angle.... it was around 6.30 PM we were about to leave the falls. in that dark evening we've found our car punctured....
but we were able to replace with the spare Tyre and set our car back in 30 mins.

People.. Beware of these criminals in Trissur. and take care of your car while parking...