Friday, April 18, 2014

Few Facts about my Dad

  • He's a Chess player & History teacher
  • His historical hero is Akbar 
  • He don't teach you lessons, he prefer to let you learn from your attempts
    • e.g.., He never taught me driving cycle, so I hit one old guy's cycle with his scooter.
  • Sometimes he advice me which I would not follow anyway, but still he never stops reminding it.
  • He's silent in most of the occasions since my mom talks :-)
  • He has lot of secrets & clever enough to hide it
  • He stick with his decisions, he hardly change his mind.,(adamant)but relaxed few for me
  • His goals are short term, but he would want his result to last for lifetime
  • Mom scolds him everyday, but never see him convince her
  • He spends a lot, like me.... Wild River.
He's still fighting with me come and stay in my home. I have even asked him to pay my rent and stay. he still keep refusing. Such a tough guy.

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