Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Prepare a Tea [டீ ஆத்துறது எப்புடி] ?

one foreigner came to Bangalore and he was doing some research in Indian work culture. he pretend himself like a representative of one outsourcing industry and approached one IT Solutions company..... he started with a simple question.
How to prepare a Tea? (டீ ஆத்துறது எப்புடி? )
ப்ராஜெக்ட் மேனேஜர் [Project Manager]:
          You know we have been following lot of strategies for preparing a good tea. we'll adopt world best practice for preparing a tea and deliver you with delicious dishes or snacks of your favor  as complement. it would be great if you sign in our SOW (Statement of Work) then our finance team would take care of the rest. we'd probably update you the tentative date and time of delivery by email also we'd inform you about our progress periodically.

டெக்னோலஜி ஸ்பெசலிஸ்ட் [Technology Specialist]:
there are lot of varieties and flavors of Tea available in the world, cup tea, plain tea, milk tea, ginger tea, masal tea, black tea, green tea, bean tea... etc first two are of my choice. and as per your look and feel appearance, you should be from middle east. so I'd recommend you a green Tea with one or two milk drops as toppings. do let me know when can I start road map and my co-ordinates would render a nice recipe.

டீம் லீட் [Team Lead]:
[with one opened excel sheet ] Greetings our beloved customer, we have delivered 99 teas from morning and you are going to be our fortune centurion customer. we have a tea master he has got a good expertise in preparing world class tea. he can make it faster than any other tea master in the world. I'd like to tender my vote of thanks to god for giving me a world class tea master with me. also we have 2 cleaning boys who helps us a lot in improving our process. if you see our performance in the last 2 years, we are the triumphs in tea business, I drove my team in a fashion in order to attain the best quality. this chart depicts our trend. if you.. 

[customer left the place]

இன்ஜினியர் [Engineer]:
hey, its very simple dude., put some tea powder, milk, sugar in a small pot and boil it for 5 minutes then add 2 seeds of litchi you'd get a nice tea if you filter it from the pot.

சும்மா அதிருதில்ல 

inspired foreigner left away with a smile.

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