Monday, April 12, 2010

My Friend's Cookie Pep

My friend bought a new mobile last weekend.
here is the way we appreciate.... I've sent an Email to all our Team members like below.

Dear folks,
Some people are always Trend setters.
We have one among them with us.
Yep, she bought a mobile (LG Cookie Pep)., that’s not only a mobile., with that we….
1. Can charge it with sunlight & it will give alarm in the morning 5 AM like Kokkarakkoo Kumaangoo.
2. Can zoom images like IPhone
3. Can Read PDF’s, Excel, Photoshop documents.
4. Can deploy a small web application like DF23.0
5. Can accommodate in 3rd std Kid’s pant pocket., that much handy
6. Can enjoy with 3G & 4G… till 10 G
7. Can control Rockets Direction
8. Can predict present past and future weather conditions also astrological predictions with Bibin’s dictionary
9. Can light candle & fire crackers (refer to 8th point)
10. Can take stills with John Abrahim( brand ambassador for LG Cookie Pep)
… etc I’ve mentioned very few features of it. I take this opportunity to welcome you all for visiting her world famous wonderful mobile in her cube.
Lets congratulate her & have a small party from her only in CCD.

-SM Classic Mobile specialists Team.

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