Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Furlough Trip Christmas & New Year 2010

It's too much funny experience in my last rocking trip.

(Bangaloreà Coorg àKudagu à Wayanad à Bandhipur à Bangalore)

Myself, Dinesh, Mahesh and Jagan decided to go 7 full days trip in the furlough season (25th Dec to 3rd Jan).
We’ve been planning from the last 2 months. We expect a huge crowd. But we pulled Jagan at last for having a Cab.
24th night onwards our people started searching a cab… all the results were negative.
I’ve approached Janani Travels Shivu for arranging a cab for me. He agreed and blocked one brand new Indiga with AC and good Audio, Video system.
We were too much happy., we’ve collected good movies and song DVDs.
We’ve got the cab by Friday 25th Afternoon.
The guy who arranged the cab asked 600 commission for him, we’ve paid.
After getting in to the cab only, we came to know that Audio and Video system got burnt recently., only mp3 cd can play for some time. (first disappointment)
Then I’ve asked Mahesh to take some picture in the cab. He asked me where is the camera. Then only we came to know that we didn’t have camera. So I decided to buy a new camera in sony world.
We’ve been searching for a good camera in BTM Sony world, and city central. I was not satisfied with the model and my budget.
Hence the decision had been made to go ahead with mobile camera. We agreed and started our journey.
The driver doesn’t know the route after Mysore. It was too fun for searching Coorg road. We went in to all the diversions which were taking us to company quarter’s. somehow, we manage to reach coorg by 8.30 PM. Now the hunt had started for accommodation. We roamed for all cottages and lodges, all were booked. (2nd Disappointment)
At last we found one top floor single bedded room which was allocated for the next day 4.30 AM, we agreed to stay in that room till 4.30 AM. The beds were too small. No fan, no blankets.
Mahesh started sleeping with snoring., we 3 just went for a night walk. We were roaming some time and sat in a roadside house’s entrance.
After 5 minutes one patrol police came and stopped his vehicle and inquired us., we replied him in English. He asked us to board in, and not to roam in night.
I struggled a lot to sleep., I tried sleeping in the terrace of that lodge., slept for some time and disturbed by mosquitoes… too much of tragedy for sleeping.,
Then somehow we vacated the room by 6.30 AM and started our greatest Karnataka Tourism spots. (third but, very big disappointment)
There is nothing to see in Coorg.
Dobare forest trekking à not allowed.
Elephant Camp
Waste of tickets for river rafting and camp entrance., bathing elephants and feeding elephants also costlier. Ride with elephant for 100 mt is too much expensive.
We’ve crossed the river by walk., it was too much of funny. Some people lost their shoes. Somebody skit into the river rocks., we all were laughing and crossed the river.
After that, we went to Mathikeri. Some temples and viewpoints., not too much good. Then we’ve decided to go to Thala Kaveri. It's really superb place to see., covered by fog and drizzling…, but not too much of cold., so that we were able to enjoy the fog and drizzling.

Our first day of the trip was over here.
We decided to go to Wayanad in the night., and try to get boarding in some good resorts of wayanad.
here is our important part of our journey.
We should cross Kudagu district and reach kerala border. Our driver doesn’t know the route., so we inquired a lot and travelled. The road is terrible., it was full of pits and falls and very narrow.
We had our dinner in Virajpet and got the perfect route to reach wayanad. (Virajpet à Konikuppa à Ponnempet à Kutta à Mananthawadi )
Our driver is an extraordinary person., he was not able to remember and track the route which we inquired for not even 5 minutes. So we have assigned Dinesh as the Navigator. He has written all the plans in paper, but he had forgotten to watch the road and diversions. J
Somehow we managed to reach Konikuppa and taken diversion at Ponnempet. We were travelling to Kutta., the route is not good., and it's a forest area of Kudagu district. Our driver noticed some different sound from Engine. He stopped in the middle of the road and saw… when we open the cabinet., we heard a very disordered sound from engine. L it's 11.30 PM., our vehicle got stuck., not able to move further.
We’ve asked help from some other vehicles which were passing by. They were not able to find what was our cab’s issue.

.........Will post the rest later.

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