Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Ice Breaker Speech at Toastmasters (about me)

[Toastmaster is a club for improving our communication skills]

It was a beautiful day; 11th November 84, exactly morning 7.15; we got a new soul in this world; the parents were so happy, coz, it was the boon for their 4 years prayer. The whole family did celebrate that new birth as a festival.
It was a third kid in that family. They had a couple of female kids, but male child was worth for them.
He was a lucky kid; after his arrival; economical status got improved, relatives quarrels got solved…etc many changes in that family.
His Grand Mother loved him very much and they didn’t send that kid to town for good education in schooling. They protect him more than their eyes.
The place wasn’t a village area and the parents also not illiterates. They were Teachers. But they married their 14 year girl to some relative. The Grand Ma stood behind that marriage.
He loved his sister very much and wasn’t able to tolerate that marriage. He cried with his sister; he could do nothing in that age, rather he took some funny decision “Not marry anyone” Later it was changed to not marry any relatives. Some years later it was again changed not to do arranged marriage; ultimately the other choice would be love marriage. There the hunt began; he has been searching his pair still.
He was kind hearten, fun loving, frank person from childhood, he involved in social service. He does not know how to speak? How to move with people? How to behave in a society…etc
At the age of 16 he was smart enough good looking personality and roamed with full of confidence, He filled with courage to face any problem. He took some resolutions like not smoking, drinking, speaking Bad Words…etc Even he gave up eating Non-Vegetarian food also. Yet he didn’t overcome his resolutions.
He studied 10th STD with his elder sister since she got married in mid of her education, she continued with him. She taught him all the subjects without going to school. Her courtesy bought him good score in his secondary education.
He came to higher secondary with added advantage of wearing full trousers school uniform and start behaving like a teen age guy. but he could maintain good name in his circumstances.
After his schooling, he joined in a new Engineering College which was near to his home town. Since his ultimate target was to become a software engineer.
He was a very fast learner. He learnt English at the end of his third year. He used to have one arrear in a semester & clearance would be done in next semester, but unfortunately he’d have one new arrear in the current semester.
Every individual has their own turning point, our hero turned in second year of engineering. Don’t expect love, it's more than that. He joined in a community called “World Community Services”, founded by Yogi Vedhathri Maharishi. He learnt simplified yoga, easy meditation…etc many techniques to make our life easy. The association is well known as Vazhga Valamudan.
He got some meaning for life and believed the power of our individual thoughts and mental ability. He did clear all his arrears & got first class then graduated as a Software Engineer in 2005.
Like a normal software engineer, he was pushed to Bangalore for Job hunting. He didn’t search well; he changed his mind and planed for higher studies. He met his Computer Guru, Guru told him to do M Tech in IIT, so he decided to prepare for GATE. Also, he joined as a part time lecturer in Government College of Engineering Salem. He thought, being a lecturer could help him his gate preparation. But it wasn’t happened.
He took nice seminars in the class room. Got little improvement in communication skills; he enjoyed a lot, he became a good friend for his students, and produced 100% Result in Theory of Computation, some little achievements in his lecturer’s life. The sad part was he could not get qualified in GATE Exam. But VIT entrance gave him a hand shake; finally he got through M Tech CSE in VIT,
VIT gave him a new life style! It was the first time he stayed away from his parents and home town. Hostel gave him all English movies, Telugu friends, Hindi friends 2 years of life passed like 2 hours. He got placement in TCS, and selected for project training in Honeywell.
He had a vision/aim to remove poverty or seeing equality in this world, at least in India at least in Tamil Nadu, at least in Salem, at least in Omalur; his home town.
His mission is to start a small MNC and a Big Indian company that’d give many job opportunities to his surroundings.
His current status is Interns masters in ITSS-Automation Control Solutions, HTS. He is a good volunteer in all Honeywell Medical camps and Community services. He used to send Birthday wishes everyday for all celebrities of HTS Bangalore; & now he is delivering his first speech in our Toastmasters club.
I’d like to hand over the dais to MC.

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