Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why did we Born?

Its most difficult, strategical, typical question to answer!........

Most of us have similar experience when we deal with same kind of situations and time with surroundings.
Till our first crush, we wouldn't have think that we born for 'em.
once it's got crushed. we would felt bad about that stupidity.
most of us speak the same dialog "Life has to go., we have to pass by" (though we didn't say this dialog, Human life cycle Management system has some peculiar behavior which is so called Time., it will change you to agree the changes!)
after some days, we'd balance our mind; somehow we tried to conclude that there is no meaning to worry further. (No Other Go)

Taking up the Career path, Some eager to Earn Money! Once you get some crap job and start earning money., what could be the next step?
Marrying one unknown (because of race, cast, relations... etc) because your parents wont stay away from their line of obligation.
then, Life partner understanding.., bla bla bla... etc
kids, society value, prestige... etc many of our lives pass like this.

In the middle of your journey, if you have come across your school days, college days., we might have experienced a miracle of achievement! where were we? and where we are?
(because some of our friends still not settled yet) Looks funny ha?

lets think for a moment!
we are living! because, Everyone is living;
we do things because, Everyone does the same!
are we doing right things? are we doing things right? (Verification and Validation)
Don't keep limits for you and your thoughts. Always keep in mind, there is something bigger than what you can think!

here I've to conclude something for you (after this much of big reading)!
Don't do things which you think not to do!
Don't do the things which Public hesitate to do in an Ethical Environment!

Think Twice & Do the Wise
All the Best.

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