Monday, June 10, 2013

First Lost, made me to realize India

I used to advice people not to invest much on mobiles.. but not sure why did I choose to buy Micromax Canvas HD A116 for Rs.14000 Change and extra accessories.,

I bought it for a while and enjoyed using 3G and stayed connected in all Social networking portals.
I had some good moments with my mobile not more than 3 weeks.
ALAS... I didn't expect, that this would end by a mobile thief.

I have lost it in Hosur, Housing Board Area. I have left it in my car dashboard and went up to my sister's home for not more than 2 min to drop one curtain. thats it... I have realized my loss after half an hour,

I could remember the last received call from my dad, I have seen it while driving and i left on top of my dashboard when I was near to my sister's home.
I have dropped one games box in my sister's home and started my journey with my parents. we were talking in general.. and we were in traffic, about to join NH.

One Minor boy with Excel Super Heavy duty, was about to overtake one goods lorry, he smashed my Car right side headlight and full side body line...

The moment, I have seen him coming towards me, I've stopped my car. so he's still alive.
He hit my car, he scratched with his vehicle, and he end up with minor scratches in his leg and knees. he woke up and started walking towards the corner.

I didn't know, from where the hell that many people came from. so many people surrounded me asked me to park my car in road side.
few people came to me and asked me to leave that, the boy is safe.
few people asked me to take the boy to the hospital.
few people told me that its that boy's mistake, that Nothing I've to do with.

Here the Quarrel begins. I didn't realize there was a government BAR which is nearby. all those drunken bastards started asking me to take that boy to hospital. I told him I will call 108, let the ambulance and police come..

This moment, I have realized that somebody flicked my mobile. [first surprise...]
Those drunken idiots have never want to realize.. they keep scolding me and my father with most vulnerable Tamil Bad words.. [My second pain, that I have never heard of these words in my life history]

after few hours, police arrived the spot, they have taken control over the situation...

they have taken my car and two wheeler,
they have taken my Key, Driving License.. etc whatever I have.. they asked me to come and meet them Saturday Morning...

My journey has stopped, My Mobile was lost, My car was seized.. more than that My Elderly Parents were much upset with this incident.

Legally, I should have filed a case on that two wheeler, and get clearance from RTO and I must clear my titles and leave the place. In order to achieve this in practical government Law and Order, I need to wait for one full month with my car parked near Police station [expected to be with many of missing parts] and I have to spend lot of money to Lawyer and police.

No use, my surroundings and subject matter experts advised me to go with compromise mode...

I agreed...

The next day morning, the boy was missing in GH. hence there is no one to give any case or complaint against me. I was happy that I can leave easily.. but I didn't expect, that the Sub-Inspector was much Greedy.
from Morning 10AM till 3PM he dragged us here and there for Rs.5000 Bribe.

I have no choice, I had given him the money and one full set of all proof copies. and left for the day.

the story is not finshed yet, now coming the Third Pain, I took my car to the garage. asked for estimation, its around Rs.20000, I spoke with Insurance people, they denied to refund without FIR.
I didn't argue, I disconnect the call and asked Garage people to start repair and returned home.

I must be happy to announce myself as the citizen of India.

"India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters. 
I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. 
I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
I shall give respect to my parents, teachers and elders and treat everyone with courtesy.
To my country and my people, 
I pledge my devotion.In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness."

I'm known as Outspoken Guy in my surroundings...
F__K Government of India

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