Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two wheeler touring to Hohenakkal

I, Guna & Jagan planned to go for a day outbound. we had a thought of visiting Hohenakkal. so we've started in  Sunday early morning.
after resolving all our conflicts, we have left Bangalore by 6 AM.

Bellandur to Sarjapur to Attibelli (Hosur Road) to Rayakkottai to Pallakodu to Ohenakkal (150KM)

Guna behind this plan of going by two wheeler, coz, he brought a brand old Royal En-field from his boss's friend. so he wanted to have enjoyment & fun with riding that Big Boy (Bullet)
Note: He is also a new to bullet, of course me too.
Jagan doesn't want to take risk. hence he came with his Victor.

any one who is reading this post can guess, Royal En-field Guys have to go slow because Victor guy cannot compete with them.

but the situation went upside down...

Jagan had lot of patience and waited for us. we were unable to defeat Jagan's Victor.

we have taken quite large number of breaks in the middle. in every break., we'll struggle to start the bullet.

we'll start it, thinking that it will move, but after put the first gear, it will turn off.
it was too much funny experience with Royal En-field.
Guna had a passion about his Vehicle. he doesn't want to give up for our comments.

he was keep on saying good things about his Bullet.
see the thump., you wont get in any other bike.
I was not able to sit in the rear seat of bullet. its vibration was too much.

I too felt little comfortable while driving bullet. but not for long time. I was getting pain in my shoulders....

we've decided to take proper break fast. hence we've stopped in one road side hotel (aaya shop) we ate like anything.
I had 6 idly's and 3 dosa's

one idly costs one rupee
one dosa costs 2 rupees
that shop name is Janani Hotel in Malluppatti on the way in between Rayakkottai and Palakkadu.
that chutny and sambar was awesome.
 after long time, we have proper Tamil Nadu style breakfast.

we've appreciated their preparation and paid little extra money for our food and continued our journey...

after a while there was a traffic. because of some politician was on his way to open one bathroom in Hohenakkal.
 we were irritated in that half an hour...
luckily he passed in our way soon. again we've continued our journey....

nice view but little hot.

  • water falls

  • massage

  • fish

  • boat ride
are enjoyable moments in Hohenakkal.

its very good place for Non-Veg lovers.
I was little inconvenient in that place. since its too much crowded and fishy smell in the entrance...

All together, it was a enjoyable journey with my friends and his Royal En-field.

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